Ancient and medieval history

Desyaterik D. I. Once again to the question of the Amazons (or the last shelter for the Amazons of the lower Highlands)

Desyaterik D. I. An essential feature of the Sarmatian Queen funeral rite

Borisov S. D. Evolution of Byzantium law in the 6th-10th centuries. Experienceof periodization

Chebanu V. V. The subject of conflagration signs in the layers of distraction of 10th – 11th centuries on the site of Chersonesos in the Russian historiography

Vershinina M. S. The image of Richard II in the English historiography and sources on the history of Medieval England

Lyalin R. S. Reasons for inquisition’s development in 15th-16th centuries Spain

Mordern and contemporary history

Filler T. Yu. Ethnic situation in the Crimea in 19th – early 20th century

Erdokesko E. A. The white movement government’s policy in respect of the Northern Crimea

Yektova A. A. Personality against the background of the era: The influence of I. M. Yektov on the development of the Donbass metallurgical industry

Rozum I. D. Crimean people’s Republic (November 1917-January 1918): nationalism or an attempt to institute democracy?

International relations

Kondakova K. S. Aspects of development that contributed to the formation of the status of Sevastopol as the city of Federal significance

Iliva M. N. The role of humanitarian education in ensuring the national security of the Russian Federation

History of natural resource use

Vyalov E. S. The use of mollusk shells in antiquity and modernity